Flavor of Poland, prosto z USA..smakuje POLSKIE ŚLIMAKI!

Flavor of Poland burger ze slimakami Bistro SlimakaKochani, portal Flavor of Poland - prosto z USA... napisał o naszym burgerze ze ślimakami, ślimaczkach w boczku i z masełkiem czosnkowym. Jak nie być tu głodnym :) Dziękujemy!!!

What’s for lunch this fine Wednesday? I’m craving the unbelievable snail burger I enjoyed on my most recent visit to Poland’s Warmian-Masurian region! The Eko Snails Garden of Krasin, Poland, one of the largest snail farms in the country, is also home to the Snails Bistro (Bistro Ślimaka)! The eatery, with a dining area set up inside a wooden snail-shaped cottage provides an exciting escargot menu! Here you can sample unique plates like the snail meat hamburger, bacon wrapped snails, fish soups with snails meat, or classic Escargots à la Bourguignonne, the famous Burgundy-style dish with snails wrapped in shells and served with a garlic, butter and parsley paste (served here, of course, with Polish land snails).

Flavor of Poland slimakiAll the dishes on the Snails Bistro menu are original recipes created by the owners of the farm and bistro and have been highly rated around the world in the culinary travel category. Snails have been part of Poland’s culinary tradition since the late 17th century and although their popularity faded for some time, in recent years they have been making a big comeback thanks to the work and passion of experts like Mariola Piłat Skalmowska and Grzegorz Skalmowski, owners of the Eko Snails Garden & Bistro!

During the summer the farm, bistro, and adjacent zoo provide the perfect setting for an exciting and delicious family excursion to the Warmian-Masurian countryside. I can’t wait to go back this year (with all of you!) to learn more about Poland's snail breeding and culinary traditions!

Flavor of Poland slimaki w boczku

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Szlak Ślimaka! Dołącz do nas!

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