Snail Bistro

bistro1.jpgEKO SNAILS GARDEN is a family-owned company engaged in the production and processing of white caviar edible snails in the purchase and breeding winniczka. Poland's only producer of snails Mazury, ecological, confirmed certificate of conformity. We offer the highest quality Masurian snails dedicated to the HoReCa market, qualified for the European Network of Culinary Heritage. Polish producer of cosmetic creams based on pure snail slime.

Innovation is not a choice, and the key to survival and development.


 c_162_145_16777215_00_images_bistro_annapolis.jpgTrailer of the film "Snails". The French are outraged! Every other snail on their table comes from Poland. The snail industry is growing and Polish breeders are exporting their snails not only to France or Italy, they are also conquering China and Japan. The "snail coin" popularity convinces two friends, Andrzej and Konrad, to start their own farm that will bring them millions. They guide into the snail world secrets is Mr Grzegorz Skalmowski, a long-time expert also known as the "Snail King".

In Western Europe the consumption of shellfish and land entered the culinary tradition of cultural decline as the Roman Empire. While in ancient Rome mussels sea, such as oysters, omółek dining and cockle were unlimited source of meeting the nutritional needs of the poorer sections of the population, the land snails of the genus Helicidae, especially Burgundy snail and previously unknown in Poland snail gray of early aspirants to the role luxury food raw material.

foodtrekking.jpgWorld Food World Association of Travel Association (Portland, Oregon USA) authority. Tourism food, Trekking Food awarded the 2017 Award for Farms Garden Snails in the category: FARMS & FARMERS 'MARKET EXPERIENCE!

14 years ago we named our snail farm "Snails Garden". This is where we produce snails for the whole Europe. We are already working with our children. This is a family company and we have devoted everything for snail production. ks.jpgOn our farm we have over 10 000m2 of breeding parks, in which we breed snails. In 2015 we opened a family-owned processing plant, where we produce snail meat, liver as well as snail caviar. Our mission is to popularize escargot consumption in our country. Snails have been eaten in Poland since 1682 and the oldest Polish cookbook contains more recipes for snails than pork. We want to bring escargots back on Polish tables.

In collaboration with Polish chefs from various restaurants in Poland and participants of well-known cooking TV shows such as Top Chef, MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen we have written a cookbook with recipes for our snails, livers and snail caviar. This book, titled "A Culinary Journey of the Snail - forgotten but worth reminding", contains 120 original recipes along with photographs. It is the first book of this kind in Poland or maybe even in Europe.

slimak.jpgThere are 3 species of edible snails on our farm and you have an opportunity to see how they reproduce. They lay small pearly eggs, which we use to produce caviar. First we prepare snails in the processing plant with our guests and then cook them together in the form of a live cooking demonstration. All our visitors can eat escargots and buy some as well. We produce snails in a local variety. Welcome to the „Snail Bistro” Mazuria - Poland Culinary Vacations with a cruise ship. The cruise runs through the section of the Elbląg Canal with its system of 5 inclined planes, which is one of the most distinguished achievements of hydraulic engineering in the world, and through the ornithological nature reserve in the Druzno Lake.


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